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vassar's Journal

Vassar College Kids
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Welcome to the Vassar Community! This is for Vassar students, alum, and people interested in the college. Feel free to connect with classmates (future, past, and present), update people with Vassar-related news, or ask Vassar questions. Basically, a Vassar lovefest.
You know you want to join in.

We are not, however, your number crunchers. We don't want to see your stats, and we can't provide any insight to what numbers will get you into Vassar. If you want to know what kind of numbers you need to get in, check out Princeton Review's summary and Vassar's class of 2007's stats. This community has also addressed this here.

Prospies and froshies: please check out this journal's memories before asking a question. If that isn't helpful, you can also try searching this journal. You may find what you need has already been answered.

Maintained by: asugarhigh. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns!