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Can you help me choose a dorm?

Hi everyone :)

I'm a 2012er and I've been given the opportunity to choose my dorm. I was hoping you all could help me out a bit.

I know stereotypes aren't accurate, but I'm looking for a "family" dorm where people are really inclusive and friendly with one another (the kind of atmosphere where's its not akward to say hi to or hang out with people you don't know). Davison had that rep but since it's closed for renovations i'm looking for the next best thing.

I'm not a partier at all so Lathrop is off the list and possibly Raymond b/c i've read that its becoming a party dorm (though I really love love love Raymond for the Twin Peaks/Battlestar Galactica thing happening in the MPR last year).

During my overnight I stayed with freshmen in Strong and both my hosts were moving to another dorm because they felt it was a bit unfriendly and cliquey so thats also off the list.

I'm considering Cushing, Main, and Joss. I've read that people in Main are mostly friends with their floormates b/c its so big and there's little unity. I've also read similar things about Joss. So I guess that puts Cushing in the forefront based on my preferences, but I don't know much about Cushing.

Could you guys help me out by telling me your impressions of the dorms or maybe correcting some of my incorrect assumptions? Is there really a "friendliest" dorm? Thanks!
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